"Partnering with the PEOPLE to bridge the gaps in the Food Service Industry"

Work, Earn & Learn

Scheduled Launch Date
November 6, 2020
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Who We Are

About Us

STECKER was designed to bridge the gaps in the Food Service Industry between the work and the workforce. We do this by partnering with the people of the industry and providing them with immediate and flexible work opportunities. We also offer a referral-based income system and free workforce readiness training.

We provide food service operators and restaurants with access to experienced independent contractors for all positions. In addition we offer a platform for our partnering restaurants to teach, train and test potential workers before hiring them.

STECKER is a hybrid mobile app delivering immediate and flexible shift coverage/staffing, work opportunities, referral-based income, education and workforce readiness.

Portions of our proceeds go directly to our education fund used to enhance our free education platform for all the members of our community.

What We Do

For our Subscribing Restaurants

  • Provide you with the security of immediate and available shift coverage.
  • Help you to reduce and eliminate disruption in service.
  • Help you to reduce your training cost.
  • Help you to reduce your operations & labor cost.
  • Help you to reduce turnover.
  • Keep a full accounting of the STECKER freelancers used annually.
  • Provide free industry related education for your staff.
  • Provide you with a seamless system of screening potential local freelancer.
  • Help connect you with your local community.

For our Restaurant Industry Freelancers

  • Provide access to immediate and available local work opportunities.
  • Provide you with the freedom to work on your schedule.
  • Provide free industry related education and training material.
  • Provide you the opportunity to enter a new field of work.
  • Allow you the freedom to study and train on your time.
  • Provide additional income earning opportunities.
  • Keep a full accounting of your income made through STECKER for the year.


Local ready, willing and able Waiters, Bartenders, Busboys, Hostesses, Expediters, Prep-Cooks, Food Runners, Bar Backs and Dish Washers are just a click away.

On the Front End,  we match freelancing, independent contractors for immediate and reliable shift coverage to Subscribing Restaurants in need.

On the Back End,  we bridge the gap between work and the workforce by providing a free, industry specific, LMS (Learning Management System) designed for workforce readiness and unlimited referral based income for all STECKER members.

With a Free Education  platform STECKER’s goal is to create work opportunities for the People who are in need of employment. Our workforce readiness platform will provide free industry related education and training material to help people who are looking for work. Additionally, we will provide free continuing education for those who are already in the industry.


STECKER partners with the people of the Food Service Industry.

STECKER provides instant access to local Restaurant Industry Freelancers (1099 Employees) for immediate shift coverage and/or employment opportunities for all Food Service Industry positions.

With STECKERS's LMS (Learning Management System), Subscribing Restaurants can teach, train and test independent contractors before hiring them.

Scheduled Launch Date
November 6, 2020

- If you would like to participate in our Beta Test Pilot program please fill out our Subscribing Restaurants or Restaurant Industry Freelancers profile form and we will contact you.

Corporate Careers

National Satellite Sales Managers for our pre-launch campaign.

STECKER Inc., is currently recruiting (prior to our launch) National Satellite Sales Managers.

Our recruiting process is a formatted competition amongst the people of the industry. This a 100% commission based independent contractor position filled with bonus, trips and VIP party events.

We are looking to fill between 10 to 20 Satellite Sales Manager positions in each state.
All members of STECKER are eligible to earn an income through our referral-based program. STECKER pays out $1 to you every time one of the people that you have referred to STECKER completes a shift.

To be eligible for consideration for a (pre-launch) National Satellite Sales Manager position you must;

  1. Create a STECKER "National Satellite Sales Manager" Profile, and upload your resume.
  2. Have at least 300-500 Facebook, twitter or Instagram contacts.
  3. Sign on 100 members to STECKER (pre-launch).
  4. Have at least 1 to 2 years in the Food Service Business.
How It Works
  • So here is how it works. The App is free for anyone to download.
  • You can sign up via linked in, Facebook or your email address and we set you up as an independent contractor 1099 - worker
  • You upload your resume, bio, picture, experience and if you really want the restaurants to put you at the top of their list to cover a shift, we suggest that you attach your background check to your profile. Our site has a list of approved vendors for you to use.
  • STECKER places freelancing independent contractors for all Food Service Industry related positions i.e., busboy, hostesses, bar back, food runner, expeditor, dish washer, waiter/waitress, bartender and prep cooks, through our mobile app.
  • Our Subscribing Restaurants that are in your area will see your profile. …it’s What we call a “Freelancing Food Service profile”
  • If you are a fit for any of their positions, they add you to their cue. (A list of Food Service Freelancers who meet their requirement).
  • Whenever any restaurant that has you in their cue needs a shift to be covered, you will receive a notification through the STECKER APP. "PICK IT UP"!
  • It will let you know where, when, shift time and shift pay. If you like what you see PICK IT UP!! It’s that simple…… Freelancing for the Food Service Industry.
  • At the end of your shift your pay is sent directly to you via pay-pal or deposited into your bank account.
  • STECKER charges a 7% processing fee of your shift pay. STECKER does not take anything from the tips you earn on a shift.
  • If there is a Subscribing Restaurant that you would really like to be considered for you can send them a pool request.
  • STECKER provides a free continuous education platform for all to use.
  • Subscribing Restaurants can upload any training material that they may request for you to study before placing you into their pool of freelancers.
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